About Procoinminer

Procoinminer is a trusted industry leader and one of the distributors for cryptocurrency mining hardware. We have offices in both the Canada (BC) and United States (NY) that offer technical support and customer service as well as warehouses in HongKong and USA for processing and shipping. Our team of professionals are committed to providing professional and reliable mining solutions for global users. 

Why Us?

Lots of cryptocurrency retailers just sell products and leave their customers to figure out the world of crypto on their own. The team at Bitcoin Merch is here to help you make the leap into the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency with confidence. We’ve helped thousands of customers build a new income source and contribute to the decentralization and distribution of crypto.

Our dedicated executive team consists of Kevin,william, and Steve . We pride ourselves on our expertise and the personal touch we provide to our customers, from providing free shipping with your order to being your go-to resource for all things crypto.


Our Services

We offer Stronger computing units, low cost, and incomparable suport. We provide extraordinary  experience.




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